How to Review for that TOEFL

French is actually a Latin- also the same format is used by it as English in Word. Highlight marks are required by some French terms just like grave the acute and cedilla, and also you need to push certain mixtures that are essential to place these markings within your wording. The keyboard shortcuts for highlight marks will be the same in Office 2003, 2007. Recommendations Sort the extreme feature, a straight decrease fished up and to the proper that looks above the correspondence, by keeping down the “CRTL” key as you type the apostrophe key. Release then, and those tips kind the letter which you want to place the accent. Kind the accent, a straight slash that angles above and also to the left of the notice, utilising the “CRTL” and keys that are serious. Of all keyboards, the serious key is to the left of the “1” key nearby the top of the keyboard. Hold down the “CTRL” key and click the grave highlight key. Release those recommendations, then form the page you wish to spot a feature on. Type the accent, which seems above the “6” key, by keeping along the “CTRL” and “TRANSFER” recommendations when you click the “6” key.

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Let reach against the page that you would like to take the highlight and go of those tips: Form the cedilla, the notification “C” having a squiggle beneath it, by keeping along the “CTRL” key as the comma key strikes. Launch those recommendations and type-a “h.” Push “MOVE” and “H” for a cedilla. Sort the dieresis, two spots that look above a correspondence, by holding along the “CTRL” and creative brochures “CHANGE” keys while pressing the colon key. Release form and those recommendations the correspondence you would like to have the dieresis over.

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